Curriculum Vitae

Abbreviated. Full CV available as PDF here.


  • Areas of Specialization: Social & Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Language
  • Areas of Competence: Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Feminist Philosophy, Epistemology


The Australian National University, Canberra. September 2017 

Research Fellow in the School of Philosophy, Research School of Social Sciences


University of Southern California

Ph.D. Philosophy, December 2017
Dissertation: Mistaken Self-Defense and Normative Conventions
Advisor: Jonathan Quong; Committee Members: Mark Schroeder, Robin Jeshion, Seana Shiffrin


Northern Illinois University

M.A. Philosophy, May 2012

Biola University

B.S. Studio Arts, December 2010, Summa Cum Laude
B.A. Philosophy, December 2009, Summa Cum Laude



Journal Articles

'Reasonable Mistakes and Regulative Norms: Racial Bias in Defensive Harm'. Journal of Political Philosophy, Vol. 25, No. 2 (2017): 196-217.

'Revisiting the Right to do Wrong'. Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 95, No. 1 (2017): 43-57.

'The Pragmatics of Slurs'. Nous, vol. 51 no. 3 (2017): 439-462; published online March 2015.

Book Reviews

Review of How Propaganda Works by Jason Stanley. Ethics, Vol. 127, No. 2 (2017): 502-507.



PhD Achievement Award, University of Southern California
Given to five out of the 3,000+ students enrolled in PhD programs university-wide.

Flewelling Award for Outstanding Graduate Students, University of Southern California
Competitive philosophy department award.


University Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, University of Southern California
Given to the three top teaching assistants university-wide, one each in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Hard Sciences.


Award for Excellence in Teaching, University of Southern California
Given to one teaching assistant per department.


C. Mason and Madeline Myers Graduate Philosophy Award, Northern Illinois University
Given to one outstanding student in the philosophy M.A. program.



Moral Risks and Conventional Consent

  • Melbourne Applied Philosophy Seminar, March 2018 (invited)

The Case for Conventional Defensive Permissions

  • Australasian Workshop in Moral Philosophy, January 2018
  • Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace, Graduate Reading Retreat, November 2017 

Epistemic Injustice and the Harm in Mental Illness Epithets

  • New York Philosophy of Language Workshop, December 2017 (invited)
  • Central APA (symposium), Kansas City, March 2017

Explaining the Justificatory Asymmetry between Statistical and Individualized Evidence

    • Australian National University Economics & Philosophy Workshop, November 2017 (invited)

    The Rational Impermissibility of Accepting (some) Racial Generalizations

    • St. Louis Annual Conference on Reasons and Rationality, St. Louis, May 2017
    • Talbot Philosophical Society Colloquium, Biola University, November 2016 (invited)
    • Arche Graduate Conference, St. Andrews, October 2016

      The Moral Grounds of Mistaken Self-Defense

      • Manchester Center for Political Theory (MANCEPT), Panel on Risk & Uncertainty, September 2016
      • Harvard Graduate Political Theory Conference, October 2015

      The Problem of the Mistaken Defender

      • Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace Graduate Reading Retreat, September 2016
      • Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress, Boulder, August 2016

      Reporting Bad Beliefs

      • Pacific APA (colloquium), San Francisco, March 2016
      • 9th Annual Northern Graduate Conference at Northern Illinois University, November 2015

      Reasonable Mistakes and Regulative Conventions: Racial Bias in Defensive Harm

      • Political Violence Workshop, University of Connecticut, December 2015

      Metalinguistic Moral Disagreement

      • Central APA (colloquium), St. Louis, February 2015

      Revisiting the Right to do Wrong

      • UCLA Law and Philosophy Graduate Conference, October 2014

      The Specification Problem for Anderson's Democratic Egalitarianism

      • Northwestern University Society for Theory in Ethics and Politics, March 2014

      The Pragmatics of Slurs

      • Princeton/Rutgers Graduate Student Conference, April 2013
      • Texas Tech University Philosophy Graduate Student Conference, April 2013

      Chancy Conditionals: A Critique of Hawthorne

      • Indiana Philosophical Association, April 2012

      A Prosententialist Account of Vagueness

      • USC/UCLA Graduate Conference, February 2012
      • British Postgraduate Philosophical Association Conference, September 2011
      • Central States Philosophical Association Annual Conference, September 2011



      Journal Refereeing

      Australasian Journal of Philosophy (x4); Dialectica (x2); Ergo; Ethical Theory and Moral Practice (x2); Ethics; Journal of Philosophy; Journal of Political Philosophy (x5); Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (x5); Philosophical Studies; Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (x2); Social Theory and Practice


      Other Administrative

      PhilPapers Assistant Area Editor, Philosophy of Law (2016-present)

      Editorial Assistant, Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy (2016-2017)

      President, USC Philosophy Graduate Student Association (2015-2016 academic year)

      Philosophy Graduate Student Advisory Council, Northern Illinois University (2011-12 academic year)

      Co-Organizer, USC/UCLA Graduate Conference (2014)

      Co-Organizer, 5th Annual Midwest Regional Graduate Conference (2011)