Yes, that's a picture of me, working on a paper at Blue Bottle in downtown LA. 

Yes, that's a picture of me, working on a paper at Blue Bottle in downtown LA. 

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I am a postdoctoral research fellow in the School of Philosophy at Australian National University, primarily working on questions relating to ethics and risk. 

I completed my Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Southern California, working primarily with Jonathan Quong, Robin Jeshion, and Mark Schroeder. Before arriving at USC, I completed an M.A. in philosophy at Northern Illinois University and two bachelor's degrees at Biola University.

You can find my CV here.





I work on a variety of issues in moral and political philosophy as well as philosophy of language. Both the pragmatics of normative language and the normative upshots of pragmatic communication fascinate me. I'm especially interested in questions relating to responsibility for the public meaning of our actions, as revealed in contexts of self-defense, promising, consent, and slur use.  

At the moment, I'm working on a project about the moral significance of risk. I'm exploring questions like how uncertainty about what rights-altering choices others have made (e.g. consenting, unjustly attacking, promising) affects the contours of our moral obligations, and whether (and if so when) willfully undertaking risky activities diminishes an agent's standing to complain against resulting harms or wrongs.

If you're interested, you can peruse summaries of my working papers, and you can find a summary of my dissertation and a more in-depth overview of my research interests here



In my spare time, I paint. I've started a series of portraits of philosophers, painting various famous philosophers in style that highlights themes central to the philosopher's work. You can see those paintings here